Alaska passed a breach notification law in June, making it state number 44 to do so.  As most are aware by now, Alaska’s new law, Alaska Stat. § 45.48.010 et seq., includes breach notification requirements, restrictions on use of Social Security numbers, and allows consumers to place a security [deep] freeze on their credit reports.  Notification of a breach is not required if, after an appropriate investigation and written notification to Alaska’s attorney general, the covered entity determines that there is not a reasonable likelihood that harm to consumers has resulted or will result from the breach.  By popular demand, following is our updated list of security breach notification laws.

Alaska (ALASKA STAT. § 45.48.010 et seq.)

Arizona (ARIZ. REV. STAT. ANN. § 44-7501(h))

Arkansas (ARK. CODE ANN. § 4-110-101 et seq.)

California (CAL. CIV. CODE § 1798.82)

Colorado (COLO. REV. STAT. § 6-1-716)

Connecticut (CONN. GEN. STAT. § 36a-701b)

Delaware (DEL. CODE ANN. tit. 6, § 12B-101)

District of Columbia (District of Columbia B16-810, D.C. Code § 28-3851)

Florida (FLA. STAT. § 817.5681)

Georgia (GA. CODE ANN. § 10-1-911)

Hawaii (Hawaii Revised Stat. §§ 487N-1 et seq.)

Idaho (IDAHO CODE ANN. § 28-51-104 et seq.)

Illinois (815 ILL. COMP. STAT. ANN. 530/5, /10)

Indiana (IND. CODE § 24-4.9)

Iowa (SF 2308)

Kansas (KAN. STAT. ANN. §§ 50-7a01-02)

Louisiana (LA. REV. STAT. ANN. § 51:3071 et seq.)

Maine (ME. REV. STAT. ANN. tit. 10, §1346 et seq.)

Maryland (H.B. 208 and S.B. 194)

Massachusetts (Massachusetts General Laws Ann. 93H §§ 1 et seq.)

Michigan (Michigan Compiled Laws Ann. 445.72)

Minnesota (MINN. STAT. § 325E.61)

Montana (MONT. CODE ANN. § 30-14-1704)

Nebraska (NEB. REV. STAT. § 87-801 et seq.)

Nevada (NEV. REV. STAT. 603A.010 et seq.)

New Hampshire (N.H. REV. STAT. ANN. § 359-C:19 et seq.)

New Jersey (N.J. STAT. ANN. § 56:8-163)

New York (N.Y. GEN. BUS. LAW § 899-aa)

North Carolina (N.C. GEN. STAT.§ 75-60 et seq.)

North Dakota (N.D. CENT. CODE § 51-30-01 et seq.)

Ohio (OHIO REV. CODE ANN. § 1349.19)

Oklahoma (Okla. Stat. § 74-3113.1)

Oregon (S.B. 583)

Pennsylvania (73 PA. CONS. STAT. ANN. § 2303)

Puerto Rico (Law 111 and Regulation 7207)

Rhode Island (R.I. GEN. LAWS § 11-49.2-3)

South Carolina S.B. 453

Tennessee (TENN. CODE ANN. § 47-18-21)

Texas (TEX. BUS. & COMM. CODE ANN. § 521.001 et seq.)

Utah (UTAH CODE ANN. § 13-44-101 et seq.)

Vermont (VT. STAT. ANN. tit. 9, § 2430 et seq.)

Virginia S.B. 307

Washington (WASH. REV. CODE § 19.255.010)

West Virginia S.B. 340

Wisconsin (WIS. STAT. § 134.98)

Wyoming (W.S. 40-12-501 through 40-12-509)