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Northern Disclosure: Alaska Enacts 44th State Breach Notification Law

Alaska passed a breach notification law in June, making it state number 44 to do so. As most are aware by now, Alaska's new law, Alaska Stat. § 45.48.010 et seq., includes breach notification requirements, restrictions on use of Social Security numbers, and allows consumers to place a security [deep] freeze on their credit reports. Notification of a breach is not required if, after an appropriate investigation and written notification to Alaska's attorney general, the covered entity determines that there is not a reasonable likelihood that harm to consumers has resulted or will result from the breach. By popular demand, following is our updated list of security breach notification laws. … Continue Reading

Security Freeze Law Not Unconstitutional On its Face

On Monday, the Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District upheld the validity of California’s “security freeze” law, section 1785.11.2 of the California Civil Code, but nonetheless enjoined under the First Amendment its application to the U.D. Registry (“U.D.”), a provider of credit reports drawn in material part from public records.  U.D. Registry, Inc. v. State … Continue Reading

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