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Australia’s New Mandatory Data Retention Law

Posted in International, National Security

Last week, Australia became the latest country to pass a mandatory data retention law. The Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2015, which amends Australia’s Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979, requires telecommunications and Internet service providers (ISPs) to store customer metadata for two years. This means that Australian ISPs and telecom providers… Continue Reading

White House Posts Preliminary Cybersecurity Incentives

Posted in Data Breaches, Data Privacy Laws, National Security, Online Privacy

In February of 2013, President Obama signed an executive order with the purpose of creating a cybersecurity framework (or set of voluntary standards and procedures) to encourage private companies that operate critical infrastructure to take steps to reduce their cyber risk (see our blog here). Critical Infrastructure Systems such as the electric grid, drinking water,… Continue Reading

President Obama Signs Executive Order on Cybersecurity

Posted in Data Breaches, Data Privacy Laws, National Security, Online Privacy

As announced during the 2013 State of the Union Address, President Obama recently signed an Executive Order on cybersecurity.  The primary goals of the Executive Order are to (a) improve communication between private companies and the federal government about emerging cyber threats and (b) safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure against cyber attacks by developing and implementing… Continue Reading

Defending the Homefront: A Cybersecurity Executive Order

Posted in National Security, Online Privacy

The simultaneous denial of service attacks on the three largest U.S. banks which occurred two weeks ago were reported to have originated in Iran. After years of stealth cyber attacks on American interests, U.S. intelligence officials recently publicly accused China of cyber espionage of American high-tech data for their own economic gain. The head of… Continue Reading

Privacy under the 44th President? Will the New Administration Bring a New Playbook?

Posted in Miscellaneous, National Security

  As we prepare to welcome both the 44th President and a revamped Congress to Washington, it is time to consider what privacy under the new administration will look like. Barack Obama polled strongly on the campaign trail as the candidate most likely to advance individual privacy rights, but are the pollsters a good indicator what… Continue Reading

Inspector General Eyes Slipups in FBI’s Spying Programs

Posted in National Security

The Office of the Inspector General (“OIG”) recently issued a 199-page report detailing the FBI’s use, and abuse, of national security letters (“NSLs”) to obtain information in the name of national security. The report cites repeated failures by the FBI to follow even the abbreviated procedures available under the current NSL regime for seeking customer and… Continue Reading